Power BI desktop download and Install

Power Bi is a powerful visualization tool, made from a conjunction of Excel Power Tools (These tools can be found as add-ons for Excel).

There are different Power Bi versions with different prices and different objectives, Desktop editions go from Power Bi Desktop (Free) to Power Bi Pro.

There are two main differences between Power Bi Desktop and Power BI Pro. One is the max size for datasets, Power Bi Desktop has 1 GB max dataset size and Power Bi Pro has 10 GB max dataset size, the second difference is sharing, on Power Bi Desktop you can’t share your dashboards and developed visualizations while with Power Bi Pro You are able to share your content with your colleagues.

Why using Power Bi Desktop Free Edition

If you need it for work or learning it is better to start with Power Bi free edition, because at first you won’t need to analyze larger datasets or analyze complex visualizations.

Maybe after a few months you will realize that you need to analyze and share big amounts of data and your current Power Bi edition is not enough for that, that’s the moment where you will need to think if you need to upgrade your Power Bi version.

Power Bi Desktop Installation.

Go to https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/ Click on Download Button.

If you are using Windows 10, installation process will redirect you to your Microsoft Store and you will need to follow the next steps

Pick up Power Bi Desktop and

Just click on Install and Power Bi Installation will start

After install process is complete click on Launch

Power Bi will Start.

If you are using Windows 7 or 8 Installation process will detect your Windows version and it will start downloading a (x64 or x86) edition. if it starts downloading a version that you don’t want to use (for any reason), just click on “ADVANCED DOWNLOAD OPTIONS”, Otherwise continue with this process.

After you download Power Bi installer just double click on it and installation will start.

Click on next until you find the destination Folder and pick a location to install Power BI. I recommend to use default location for convenience.

Then finish the installation process and select Launch Microsoft Power Bi Desktop to start it for the first time.

One dialog will open at first use, just click on “I already have a Power Bi Account”, then close the sign in dialog.

As you can see installation process using Windows Store is much easier but it is different because when you want to find “Uninstall a Program” on Control Panel you won’t be able to find Power Bi.

Whatever option you chose, now you are able to use your Power Bi and start discovering and developing on this amazing visualization software.


Good luck and enjoy using Power Bi Desktop.

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