Sql Server restore WideWorldImporters Database

How to restore WideWorldImporters database in Sql Server

AdventureWorks was an old demo database that was used since Sql Server 2008 until Microsoft team decided to create a new one, this database is available since Sql Server 2016.

WideworldImporters is a database made for showing some SQL Server 2016 characteristics applied to a database, this database is a new demo database and it has nothing to do with old AdventureWorks Database.

If you are studying for a Sql certification or all you want to do is practice or improve your Sql Skills and you don’t have a good dataset to start practicing I recommend to download “WideWordImporters” Demo Database.

Go to the following link


Choose the backup that best fits your Sql Server version and download it.

There are two files WideWorldImportersDW (Full and Data Warehouse) I recommend to download and restore both databases (For practicing purposes).

WideWorldImporters  Database restoration

After downloading both files copy them to an accessible path and open your Sql Server Management Studio

We need to create locally a database for restoring WideWorldImporters database, for that follow this examples

Create a database by following this steps.

Right Click on “Databases” Menu and select ”New Database…..” option.

Then a windows will open

On General Menu pick Database name in my case I am using a standard DB name like ”WideWorldImporters”

Go to Options Menu then on Recovery model select “Simple”, this option will save you a lot of space, then check if compatibility mode is set on “SQL Server 2017 (140)”.

Click on “OK” button. Then wait a few seconds until your database is created.

After DB creation right click your database go to Task > Restore > Database

Then a windows is going to open.

Start by selecting Device radio Button on Source section and select “…” button located on the right part of Device textbox. A new window called “Select backup devices will open”.

On Select backup devices windows click on Add Button


A window called  “Locate Backup File” is going to open. Go to the path where you downloaded your Demo Database and select the bak file that you want to restore (In my case i am restoring first WideWorldImporters-Full.Bak first).

Then click OK at “Select Backup devices” window

After that go to Option Menu and at “Restore options” section pick the checkbox “Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLACE)”  Then click on “OK” button

Wait a few minutes until restore process is complete, then a message will popup

Now as you can see WWI database was restored on your computer.

If you want you can repeat the process to restore WideWorldImportersDW Database.


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