How to create a Linked service to connect to an Azure Sql Server on Azure Data Factory

In this tutorial I am going to create a linked service to connect to an azure data Storage.

Step 1. Select what kind of linked service do you want to create.

On ADF there are various options to choose, we are going to select Azure SQL Database for this tutorial.

Go into Manage then click on Linked Services and click on “New” Button

Then a “New linked service” Window is going to display, Click on “Azure SQL Database”

There is a window open where you will have to fill required fields.

For connecting to the “Azure Sql Server”, we are going to use a Connection string and connect it Manually.

Step 2. Enabling ADF to access Database

Go to the Sql Server that you are trying to connect and click on “Firewalls and virtual networks”.

There click on “Yes” to “Allow Azure service and resources to access this server” and click on “Save”.

After that go to “New linked service” window in Azure Data Factory and click on “Test connection”.

If you get “Connection successful” message, click on Create.

If you want to enter Manually the “Account selection method”, you will need the following information, “Fully qualified domain name” and “Database name ”.

For getting the “Fully qualified domain name”, go to the Sql Server configuration set on Azure and get the Server name from there.

Then go to “SQL databases” and check there the Database name that you would like to connect and fill “Database name”.

After filling the fields on “New linked service”, click on “Test connection”.

Finally, check if Linked service was created successfully.

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